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Business Review

Boost Your Business with Online Marketing

Nowadays, businesses are more competitive than ever. The main reason for this competition is undoubtedly the digitalization of companies. All types of companies have websites and other online stuff. You can connect with any business over the internet- this is how easy it got. If you are a newcomer in the business field or already a business holder, you should take help from online marketing agencies to increase leads and sales for your company. Enchanted Marketing is an online marketing agency like that. The difference between them and other online agencies is that they are best at what they do.

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How Enchanted Marketing Helps

Getting help from an expert in a field is obviously an outstanding relief. Similarly, if you get help from online marketing expert agencies like Enchanted Marketing, you can quickly get ahead of other competitors. Here is how Enchanted Marketing helps you-

  • They increase your leads
  • Grows your sales
  • Increases your bottom line
  • Increases return on investment

Why Should You Get Help from Enchanted Marketing?

Every day, thousands of new websites are being built, among which only a few we notice. The main reason is the setup of the websites. Due to the wrong format, they do not get seen even after being quite pretty. Moreover, almost all of these websites do not follow any or necessary marketing tactics. As a result, they do not get the expected result in driving sales.

To keep your business running smoothly, you need new customers and visitors to your site regularly. It would help if you had regular contact with new clients. This is where Enchanted Marketing comes to help. Enchanted Marketing believes in keeping customers happy. If you can provide excellent customer service, you will start to get good reviews, referrals, etc. in a short time. To provide that excellent customer service, you will always get Enchanted Marketing beside you.

Consumers now depend on the internet to research products and contact with providers. If google shows, i.e., customers see your website at the first of a search result, can you imagine how this affects your sales? Easily assumable how greatly it will affect. That is why you need a website and why you need SEO experts like Enchanted Marketing to take care of showing you at the top search results.

Not only SEO

If you are thinking by now that Enchanting Marketing will provide you only with SEO, you are mistaken. SEO is only a part of the company’s services. Some other services from the company are:

  • Online Ad Campaigns
  • Lead generation & Capture
  • Social Media
  • Website design
  • Content creation

Getting all these services under one roof is undoubtedly a great thing. And that us what you get from Enchanted Marketing, one of the best online marketing agencies.


If you do not take well-measured and quick steps in digitalizing your company or business, you will get behind in the competition. That will leave you to lose many potential sales. Regular clients will be moving to other competitors. Enchanted Marketing cares about your business and will help you get the best output.

Business Review

Review of T. Rowe Price

The Investors Choice for a Fund-Only Portfolio

Baltimore based T.Rowe Price has a reputation for high quality and low-cost mutual funds delivering exceptional returns in the long run. T. Rowe Price is known for its financial planning services and tools for investment-related financial decisions. It was founded in 1937. The firm offers services in personal investing, workplace retirement programs, insights and local relationship management teams for institutional investors, financial advisory, retirement plan strategies and institutional consultants. T. Rowe Price has handled over $1 trillion for institutional and individual investors in the United States.

T. Rowe Price Logo

An Investment Powerhouse with Multiple Offerings

T. Rowe Price is known for its target-date funds which depending on the retirement timeline are either for growth or preservation. For corporate employers, the firm manages 401k plans. Approximately two thirds of the Assets Under Management is actively managed for retirement accounts. T. Rowe Price also has an online trading facility for investors for which it offers discounted brokerage services. The tradable securities they can invest in are:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Options
  • No-fee exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Which Investors T. Rowe Price Is Ideal For?

Investors who wish to outperform the trading market without having to choose individual schemes should certainly consider T. Rowe Price funds. Over a decade, more than 90% of the stock funds of the company outperformed basis cumulative return if you look at Lipper averages. Also, for an actively managed fund, brokerage fees can be removed.

T. Rowe is not meant for those who wish to trade frequently because of the high trading costs and the minimum balance that has to be maintained to invest. The timely in-depth stock information is not available as part of its services and the site’s tools are not designed to help self-directed investors.

What You Can Expect at T. Rowe Price

Low Cost and High-Quality Funds

These are a defining part of T. Rowe Price. A fund’s expense ratio is impacted by the returns. On July 2019, 65 of T. Rowe Price funds have got 4/5 Overall Morningstar ratings.

No-Load Mutual Funds

T. Rowe has about 130 of such funds. This keeps in line with the vision of their founder Thomas Rowe Price Jr who said that fees should be based on assets under management and not deducted as a commission.

No Transaction Fees

The firm also has 3000 no-transaction-fee mutual funds as well as 300 commission-free Exchange-traded funds.

Own Funds

You can access T. Rowe’s own funds which means you can bypass the hidden charge, markups and brokerage fees.

T. Rowe Mutual Fund Research Tools

These are particularly noteworthy in sorting funds basis ranking and family. It also offers research basis price, management and objectives. This makes financial planning a lot easier. Their retirement tools which are for free to the public tells the retirement income you need and the overall health of your savings. For example, the retirement calculator forecasts rental income based on current savings along with other factors. Another tool is the FuturePath which is a simulator that can be customized to include say future gains, revenue streams, or expenses like college tuition cost. It performs the same analysis using the standard inputs like current income, savings and other parameters using Monte Carlo analysis to provide accuracy and probability in achieving financial targets.

A Rich History and a Reputation Of Stability with Performance

The firm’s 80-year old history has made it a favourite company in Fortune. T. Rowe Price is a part of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) which regulates and oversees broker activity. It is also a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which provides a protective cover of $500,000 in case of brokerage failure. In the case of client accounts, $ 1.9 million is the limit for cash awaiting reinvestment. Apart from this, a two-step authentication for logins is part of its security checks and the industry compliant standard security encryption is also available for all accounts.


  1. Low-cost mutual fund
  2. Screening tools for funds
  3. Free investing tools


  1. Commissions are expensive
  2. Need to maintain a minimum account balance of $2,500

The Final Verdict

T. Rowe Price stands out for its fund only portfolio. Their mutual funds are the best in the industry. It is highly recommended for mutual funds primary investors for their low-expense-ratio funds which perform consistently at low cost.

Business Review

Kelly & Associates Review

Kelly and Associates provides integrated and streamlined administrative solutions for employers, individuals, and brokers. They handle the management of benefits, payroll, and workforce management. Kelly currently holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, it helps to break down the company’s pros and cons to help you better understand them.

kelly and associates logo


Let’s list the company’s pros to aid your decision making. Here are some of the advantages and services offered by Kelly & Associates. Find out if the service you’re looking for is being offered by the company. 

Payroll Solutions

Kelly & Associates is one of the leaders in the payroll solutions industry. They combine payroll services with your company’s benefits information. Thus, it’s more accessible and intuitive. Furthermore, the technology they use helps employers manage any deductions or changes in the payroll through automation. Some services include:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Human resources services
  • Time & labor management solutions
  • Talent acquisition and performance management

Administrative Services

Kelly has partnered with top carriers to deliver streamlined services to clients. They utilize top-notch technology to provide solutions to employers and individuals. With Kelly, all your administrative solutions are integrated to make things efficient and effective.

  • Eligibility management
  • Vendor integration
  • Billing services
  • Customer service and support
  • Compliance services and reporting

Benefits Management

Management of benefits at Kelly is fully-integrated. They help employers save time and manage benefits optimally. With their impressive technology, they deliver efficient tools to help maximize the value of investments, as well as control some costs. Some of the main services they offer in this area are listed below.

  • Services consulting
  • Underwriting, risk assessment, product placement
  • Customized employee communication
  • Executive benefits
  • Account management and customer advocacy
  • Qualified plan consulting (401K/403B)

Marketing Services

Kelly Marketing Services or KMS has been helping brokers serve and grow their client base. With the KMS, you have the luxury to utilize their high-end technology in marketing and administration concerns. Here are some of the services under this category.

  • Client management system
  • Broker technology
  • Renewal service and support

Kelly Exchange

Get the expert advice you need to select the best insurance products with KellyExchange. Equipped with private label technology and dedicated professionals, you’re also on the right path for the exchange services you see. Their proprietary technology is the main selling point in this area.


Discussing the disadvantages of a company is as crucial, if not more, as finding out the benefits of making a good decision. Figure out if this is something you can compromise on or not.

Below average customer service

Some of the clients’ main concern is with regards to Kelly’s customer support. Promptness of response and handling issues is an area where they can work on a little bit more. A few complaints involving support agents being unclear and rude were also recorded.

The verdict

Overall, Kelly & Associates deliver the technology and solutions you may require. They may need to do some extra work on their customer support. However, apart from that, it’s a reliable company that’s been in the field for over 40 years. And its one of the largest in its field in the US.

Business Review

Alex Cooper Auctioneers Review

Alex Cooper Auctioneers has been in the business for almost a century. They started with auctioning jewelry, antiques, and pieces of art and later added real estate. They conduct one of the finest auctions in Maryland. We’ve looked into the Alex Cooper Auctioneers business and listed some of its pros and cons.


These are some of the best-selling points of Alex Cooper Auctioneers.

Untainted Reputation

When you’re buying a house and lot, expensive jewelry, or antique items, you’re shelling out a lot of cash. That’s why you need to exclusively transact with reputable companies. Thankfully, Alex Cooper has been in business since 1924. With millions of auctions done over the years, they have certainly built a name for themselves.

Accurate Descriptions and Realistic Photographs

With Alex Cooper, you can bid confidently because you’re provided with honest descriptions and true-to-life photographs of items and properties. This is most important when bidding on antiques. You certainly want to make sure the items are in good shape and quality.

With Alex Cooper, they won’t try to sugarcoat these things as they built their business through transparency. Thus, you will certainly get what you pay for. Plus, the items will be delivered to you immediately once you win the auction.

If you are on the fence about bidding or buying online, you can always visit their enormous showroom to see the items for yourself.

Easy Payments

Transactions with Alex Cooper Auctioneers are very convenient and easy. You can pay safely and securely with any of your major credit cards. Furthermore, it’s just a swift process from there to begin your online bidding journey. You will need to make an initial deposit before making any bids. This is to protect both parties and avoid any joy bidders or bogus bidders.

Extensive Online Collection

If you enjoy browsing auctions online, you will appreciate Alex Cooper’s wide collection. From antique rugs, jewelry, furniture, to home furnishings – you will find some hidden gems if you just look. The website also features good photographs of these items which will help you make a wise and informed purchase.


Here’s something you need to watch out for if you’re thinking about using Alex Cooper Auctioneers services.

May Not Be Suitable for International Buyers

Alex Cooper Auctioneers is based in Maryland, USA. Although they allow international bidders and buyers, there are certain unavoidable and inevitable problems when it comes to this. Thus, you should take precautions if you’re based outside the US. Nevertheless, it’s only a rare occasion and for most international transactions, Alex Cooper is just fine. If you make a simple search of testimonials for Alex Cooper Auctioneers, you’ll more likely come across a positive one. This is because, over the years, they have perfected their craft in their field. However, there are some bad reviews from people who feel their items should have sold for more money. In general though, Alex Cooper makes sure to put their customers’ satisfaction at the top of their priorities. Just make sure to read their online bidding terms and that you agree with them before making any form of deposit.